Save thousands on your next work vehicle with Aztec Fleet Sales. Choose the vehicle, up-fits, and equipment that you need and finance them in one easy transaction.

Cargo Vans

Cargo vans offer manueverability and increase fuel economy, with larger van sizes rivaling the cargo capacity of box trucks. A wide variety of customization options and vehicle models are available.

Box Trucks

Perfect for big jobs and serious professionals, box trucks are fully customizable and purpose-built for you. Choose from multiple chassis, boxes, and up-fit options.

Pickup Trucks

Almost every contractor in America has a pickup truck, whether it is for towing or hauling. We offer a wide range of models and specs, both with and without Knapheide work and service bodies.

Up-fits & Wraps

盛通诚信网 Every vehicle Aztec sells has a wide range of up-fit options to choose from. These options include wraps, shelving, bulkheads, storage cabinets, spray lined and protective flooring, lighting, Mobile Office, and more.

We also work with a 3M Certified wrap installer, who can help you design your vehicle’s wrap and will professionally install it prior to delivery.

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